Quad City Photo Booth Rental on Paula Sands Live TV

QC Photo Booth recently made an appearance on TV for Paula Sands Live. Take a look and see all about our rental photo booths for weddings and special events in Illinois and Iowa.

QC Photo Booth on Paula Sands Live KWQC TV

QC Photo Booth was recently featured on TV! We have the booth live in the studio for Paula Sands Live. Much of your favorite TV personalities from KWQC TV 6 had a blast using the booth. Here are some of the pictures…




QC Photo Booth Rental Announces Big Growth

Big news today! We just increased our number of booths to more than twice what we had previously. If you had contacted us in the past only to hear that we were already booked, then now is the time to call us back at 877-504-0186 before the new ones are all booked up as well. We have tripled our capacity for photo booth rentals in Illinois and Iowa.

Give Your Employees Something They Will Remember

Sometimes a holiday party can be a great experience for everyone involved- coworkers come together to have a good time and leave with a stronger sense of camaraderie- one that extends into the work place and can go a long way towards greasing the gears that make the business run. A high sense of morale can go a long way towards making a company exceed its goals, and a company party can be a great way to make sure that your workers are getting that morale boost that they really need to make everything happen just right.

The problem is that sometimes these company parties can turn sour. If the workers are there with no kind of quality entertainment to keep them busy, they might start leaving early or, even worse, turn on themselves and bicker. A party that should have produced a sense of companionship can instead degenerate and create a schism between workers- this can destroy the very fabric on which a company is built. So it’s up to you to make sure that the company party is fun and an atmosphere where your workers can come together and have a good time.

If you’re looking for ideas in this vein, look no farther than photo booth rentals. These photo booths are popping up everywhere, and it’s not hard to understand why. People love to have their pictures taken, and they especially enjoy taking pictures with friends. These photo booths create the opportunity to have a quick picture taken and immediately get a copy of the photo, a keepsake that can be held onto forever. This is a great way to make some memories and bring people closer together. The photos can be as serious or fun as the workers to be- if the workers want to cut loose and be a bit silly, why not put a box of props out for them to have their pictures taken with?

Your office party could go a long way towards helping your workers to forge new bonds and re-strengthen the old ones. This, in turn, can reflect in company productivity and help to make sure that the workers are meeting and even exceeding your expectations of them. If you’re in the quad cities and looking at having an office party anytime soon, really consider renting one of these photo booths- your workers will thank you, and you can even get in on the fun yourself. You might just be able to get closer to those workers who are sort of stand-offish, and this can only help company morale.


A New Idea for Your Holiday Party This Year

There’s a good chance that you’ve been to an absolutely terrible company party. There might not have been anything explicitly wrong with it, but going to the same party year after year with nothing new to do can quickly get very boring. Considering that employee morale is an extraordinarily high factor when it comes to getting your workers to produce, the point of a company party is sort of defeated when everyone is standing around with their arms crossed doing nothing. There are ways to remedy this though, to bring life to your party, without breaking the bank.

You really should consider photo booth rental. You’ve seen these photo booths before, more than likely- they’ve popped up everywhere. You can find them in department stores, shopping malls, and just about anywhere people might be passing through looking for a good time. It just makes sense- there are a lot of people out there who love having their pictures taken with friends, and the ability to have a handful of pictures taken for fun and immediately have a memento you can keep for the rest of your life is a very appealing one.

This is a great way to spice up your company or holiday party. Bring in one of these photo booths and watch the magic happen. Your employees don’t have to be limited to just “normal” pictures, either. You can bring in a box of props, such as funny hats or other items, and really let everyone just goof off, have a good time, and take home those pictures to remember what fun they had at the office party this year. It’s a great, inexpensive way to help boost morale and make sure that everyone has some quality interaction with their coworkers.

If you’re living in the quad cities, be sure to look into photo booth rental. It’s one of the hottest trends right now- it’s no secret that plenty of people love taking these pictures, and letting them have the option in such a relaxed atmosphere as a company party can be a great way to make sure that all of your workers are really getting along and have something common to bond over. Better morale means better production, and this can be a big turning point for your business. Make sure that your workers enjoy their party; bring in one of these photo booths and get in on the fun yourself!